How to Prepare Your Boat For Storage

Like other outdoor recreational vehicles, storing your boat for long periods of time can take its toll. It’s crucial that you prepare your boat before you store it away for a season or two so it doesn’t become damaged. Here are a few tips to follow as you get ready:

Change out the oil

It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently changed the oil, it’s a good idea to change it again before you put your boat into storage. If you’ve used your boat since the last oil change, it’s possible that water got into the oil, which can lead to engine corrosion over time. 

Grease the control mechanism

You should also check your boat’s control mechanism and grease the parts. This will make it safe and make it work more efficiently when you’re ready to take it out of storage. Using waterproof grease on the joints and steering components is the best option. 

Fill the gas tank

You should also make sure the gas tank is full before you put the boat away, even though it sounds counterintuitive. Condensation can build up inside an empty gas tank and cause it to corrode. You can also add a gasoline stabilizer to make sure the gas is ready when you take the boat out again.

Unhook the battery

To protect the battery and prevent it from draining during the storage period, you should disconnect it and take it home. Charge it every now and then over the season so that it’s ready to go when you  take your boat out of storage the next time. 

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