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    Our facility at Mount Pleasant Boat and RV Storage has available storage space for your boat, RV, trailer, and more!. Whether you use your outdoor vehicles for work, vacation, sporting events or all of the above, we’ve got you covered. When you store with us, you’ll get:

    • 24/7 access (with code)
    • Hands-on, expert staff
    • Competitive rates
    • Plenty of available space
    • A+ customer service
    • Prepay yearly rate option
    • Month-to-month leases
    • Nighttime security
    • Convenient location

    Need to Store Your Boat?

    If you need an extra place to store away your boat, we’re the best solution! You don’t need to let your boat sit in your driveway or yard until the next time you use it. Our outdoor storage spaces can accommodate a wide range of boats including cruisers, speed boats, jet boats, and many more!

    Need to Store Your Cars, Trailers, or RVs?

    From trailers to RVs, Mount Pleasant Boat and RV Storage is the place to call is you need to store your vehicles. With 300+ spaces available, we have the necessary space to store all of your recreational vehicles! Why waste space on your own property when you can store with us?

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